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Class Action Alert: What to Do When Your Vinyl Siding Is Melting?

Many people are now opting for vinyl siding as their outer walls of their homes. It is more durable and relatively cheaper than other siding alternatives. Furthermore, it adds value to your home.

With numerous benefits it offers, there’s one drawback that is a deal breaker – it melts! Homeowners who use home siding materials have noticed this problem. According to experts, the culprit must be the sun reflecting off you or your neighbors’ Low-E windows. Once the sun’s rays hit the glass windows, they bounce back the heat to your siding, causing it to melt.

Users asked for a warranty because of this issue, but vinyl siding manufacturers denied their requests. Thus, it has pushed them to file a complaint against these companies. But in their defense, the cause is a rare situation. However, as many people use Low-E windows, so does this damage.

What to Do When Your House Siding Is Melting?

Filing a lawsuit and attending trials would take months to years before you could get your compensation. Because melted vinyl siding is a widespread issue, you need to make an action before it happens. Here are some things that you must do to prevent your siding from melting:

Step 1: Plant Tall Trees in Your Garden

There are two reasons why we have a yard. First, to have a place for an outdoor party. Second, to add beauty to the property. However, your house wouldn’t be as beautiful as you want it if your vinyl siding is melting. Therefore, you need to plant trees in your yard.

Trees will not only add beauty to your property, but it will block the cause of vinyl siding melting. However, you have to wait for 10 to 20 years before it can protect your outdoor wall. Hence, it may not be the best solution if you want to avoid filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers.

Step 2: Apply Turf Guard Window Film for Your Windows

This is the best action that you must do to prevent your insulated vinyl siding from melting. These films do not only provide privacy to your home. They also protect your outer wall from fading. Once installed on your windows, the films absorb the heat, causing the temperature to decrease. Moreover, they deflect off the light; thus, reducing the adverse effects of solar reflections.

Certainly, this is the best way to protect your vinyl siding and to avoid filing a lawsuit against the distributors. If you want to acquire the perfect vinyl siding melting solutions, visit our website now!

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