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Determining Which Artificial Turf Variety is Best for You

Choosing the right kind of artificial turf variety is important because not only is purchasing turf products a long-term investment, it is also very costly. You wouldn’t want to spend too much money on the wrong kind of turf. Listed below are some kinds of turf and where it would be best to install them:

1. High Fiber Turf

If you aim to buy a turf that is natural-looking, a high-fiber turf is the perfect choice for you. This is perfect as artificial grass for home or for landscapes. It offers greater comfort and “leafiness,” and it can recover fast from footprints.

In order to answer the question “how to choose artificial grass?” it is important to consider the amount of foot traffic in the area where you intend to install your artificial grass. High-fiber turfs are intended for a light amount of traffic.

2. Average Fiber Turf

The measurement of this type of synthetic artificial turf is 36 mm. This is your best bet if you intend to place this in an area where there is an average amount of traffic. There are different types of artificial turf, and this kind of turf works best in various residential applications.

This can be installed in either your front or backyard. You can enjoy luscious natural-looking grass at an affordable price. However, keep in mind that with turf like this you will also have to deal with some maintenance costs. Since this turf will be installed near homes, window reflections can damage your turf.

Windows without window films allow the sun’s rays to reflect a certain spot with intense heat causing it to melt.

3. Short Fiber Turf

    If you intend to put in turf where there is a lot of traffic, such as malls or pet sites, a short fiber turf is your best bet. This artificial turf variety measures from 15 mm to 25 mm. These turfs are normally dense. It ensures that your artificial turf can surpass heavy foot traffic.

    4. Commercial Turf

      For large areas that aim to reduce maintenance costs, commercial turfs are your best bet. This is the perfect turf to be installed in urban areas and parks. Commercial areas have a high level of foot traffic, so it is important to have the right artificial turf variety.

      5. Sports Turf

        It is also important to consider the different types of turf fields. Are you looking for a turf that can be used for a sports field? Contact your local turf manufacturers and do some research as to what kind of turf will work best on a particular activity.

        Anyone who is interested in the welfare of their artificial turf should consider Turf Guard Window Film as a form of preventive action against external damages. Buying the right kind of artificial turf variety is important; however, one should also know how to maintain it.

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