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Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding Melting Lawsuit & How to Avoid It

Many homeowners have filed a vinyl siding melting lawsuit against manufacturers and their neighbors. These complainants believe that these manufacturers are liable for damages to their property. Vinyl siding companies produce products that have a low vinyl siding melting point, causing their walls to easily melt.

When the sun shines in the right direction, it hits the Low-E glass part of your neighbor’s window. Because the window reflects the heat away from your home, it bounces off the light to a nearby siding. This phenomenon results in vinyl siding melting and is what pushed homeowners to file a vinyl siding melting lawsuit.

However, there are other consequences that you will face if you file a class action against a vinyl siding company and your neighbor. Here are some of them.

  1. You need to spend too much money.

Filing a case is not only heartbreaking but budget-breaking as well. You need to hire a lawyer to defend you in court. The worst part is that whether you win the trial or not, you still need to pay your attorney for his services.

  1. It ruins your relationship with your neighbor.

Another disadvantage of filing a vinyl siding melting lawsuit is having a bad relationship with your neighbor. Because you’re blaming the house next door for the damages, it can result to a misunderstanding between you and your neighbor.

How to Avoid This Problem

Fortunately, you can avoid dealing with court trials and fighting with your neighbor. You only need to do the following tips:

  1. Replace your walls with heat-resistant vinyl siding.

This type of cladding material is stronger and has a higher melting point than the usual PVC wall. Additionally, it helps reduce energy consumption as it traps the cold air inside the house. Hence, you don’t need to turn up the AC when the weather is hot. You just need to have some budget to do this project.

  1. Apply a window film for turf to your window.

This tool not only prevents the window reflection from damaging the grass, but it also protects your vinyl siding from warping. Unlike other window films, this one has holes that diffuse heat equally. Furthermore, it helps you to save energy as these holes allow natural light to enter your home.

However, you can only enjoy these features if you choose the Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our products and avoid filing a vinyl siding melting lawsuit.

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