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Do You Know Why Your Artificial Turf Is Melting?

People are now becoming conscious about the environment and their expenses. Thus, they choose energy-efficient windows over regular ones as they help save energy costs. They are also switching to artificial turf as it requires a little amount of water as compared to natural grass. However, these two materials are like water and oil. This is because windows could melt your synthetic lawn.

How Do Windows Disintegrate Your Turf?

As mentioned earlier, energy-efficient windows help save energy consumption. They do this by reflecting the heat and light away from your home. As a result, the room temperature becomes cooler during summer months and warmer during winter.

However, this affects your artificial turf. The coating used by these windows acts as a magnifying glass; hence, the name “the magnifying glass effect.” The glass window concentrates and directs the sunlight and heat onto your lawn, causing the temperature to rise. Consequently, the grass blades melt.

How to Identify if Low-E Windows Causes the Damage?

It’s easy to determine the cause of artificial turf damage. The first thing you need to do is to look at your shadow on the ground. Stand on the afflicted spot and check the shade of your silhouette. If the color is light, it means that the main culprit is your windows.

Another thing you can do is to touch the synthetic grass. While it’s naturally warmer than a natural lawn, it gets even hotter when exposed to the sun’s reflection. If you can’t hold it for 5 seconds, it means that your windows are causing the damage.

 How to Stop Your Lawn From Melting

There are several ways to prevent reflected heat from melting your artificial grass. You could sprinkle the area with water to cool down its temperature. However, you need to do it every 30 minutes as its effect only lasts up to 20 minutes. Not only is this costly but time-consuming as well.

If you want a cheaper yet efficient solution, then you should choose window films. But not just any window tint; it should be Turf Guard Window Film. As the name suggests, it preserves the beauty of your fake grass. It has UV protection that blocks the harmful effects of the sun and prevents fading. It also has anti-glare properties that reduce the window reflection.

Indeed, this is the perfect choice for fake lawn preservation. If you want to get the best protection for your artificial turf, then buy our Turf Guard Window Film products.

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