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Effective Tips to Cool Down Your Synthetic Turf

Installing synthetic turf in your garden can be a perfect solution if you want to have a healthy-looking lawn all year. Compared to a natural grass field, it requires little to no maintenance. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and money in a long run.

Though it has several benefits to offer, it also has some setbacks. One of which is that it gets too hot. Because the blades of the artificial grass are made of polyester materials, it tends to absorb heat. This causes the turf to disintegrate, especially when it reaches its melting point.

Several factors that affect the temperature of the synthetic turf, and these are heat exposure and its surroundings. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can do to cool down the lawn.

Ways to Keep Your Synthetic Grass Cool

Below are the things that you can do to keep your synthetic turf cool.

Tip #1: Start Irrigation.

We often think that irrigation is only needed when you have natural grass fields or a farm. Well, you’re exactly correct as these plants can’t live without water. However, they’re not the only ones that need it. Your artificial lawn requires it as well.

We often use water to our synthetic turf since this cleans the carpet. But you also need to shower it with water to keep the surface fresh, and thus, prevents melting. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a good irrigation system at home. Use a hose to wet the area. You can also use a sprinkler if you have one so you can shower the grass field with water from time to time.

Tip #2: Provide a Shade.

Before you finish installing your artificial turf, chances are, the blades are already heating up. This is because the carpet is exposed to the sun, even before you complete the project. Before you know it, the grass is starting to disintegrate.

To keep the synthetic turf fresh, you need to use a shade while installing the carpet. Not only will it protect you from the harmful effects of the sun but the grass as well.

Tip #3: Change the Color of the Infill.

Fashion and even health experts say that we should not wear dark-colored clothes during summer. This is because darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. The same thing goes for the plastic grass. If the infill is dark-colored, it will soak up more heat, causing the blades to melt. Thus, you need to change it to a lighter shade to reduce the temperature.

Tip #4: Use Perforated Window Films.

This tip is probably the best among the four as it provides a permanent solution. Window films, particularly the perforated ones, block UV rays and absorb heat. Consequently, the lawn’s temperature will decrease; hence, reducing the risk of turf disintegration.

Many shops offer perforated window films. But if you want to get premium perforated films to protect your synthetic turf, then you should buy the ones made by the Turf Guard. Visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, to order.

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