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How Is Glass Reflection Burning the Grass in Your Garden?

Is glass reflection burning the grass? Many people are asking this question. Since they have installed Low-E windows, they noticed that their lawn dies faster than they used to. In this post, we will discuss how the window reflection burns the grass.

Your Lawn and Energy-Efficient Windows

Almost all houses have lawns. This grass field makes the property inviting if you take care of it well. However, upon using energy-efficient windows, they noticed some brown spots on its surface. For this reason, they are wondering if the glass reflection is burning the grass.

The answer to this question is yes. When the sun beams at the coating of the Low-E window, it automatically blocks the hot temperature from entering the house. Because the heat has nowhere to go, the Low-E glass magnifies the light and directs it onto your lawn. Because the burning point of real grass is much lower than the generated heat, it could result in killing the grass blades.

Can You Stop the Window Glare From Burning the Grass?

There are a couple of ways to avoid the glass reflection from burning the grass. Here are some of them.

  1. Water the Field Regularly

One way to stop the window reflection from burning the grass is by keeping the plants hydrated, especially during summer. The summer is the season when the sun shines the brightest. Hence, if this intense heat reaches the lawn, it could kill the turf before you know it.

To halt the glass reflection from killing the grass, you need to water the plants every other day. However, you need to schedule this task. Do it early in the morning or after 6:00 PM to allow the water droplets to evaporate. Water on leaves can also cause harm on the grass. Like the Low-E coating, water droplets can intensify the sunlight, causing the turf to wilt.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Film

If you have no time to water the field on the mentioned schedules, then you should use perforated window films. Intended for advertising, you can use them to prevent the window glare from killing the grass. It has anti-reflective properties that deflect the sunbeam off; therefore, reducing glare. Furthermore, it distributes heat evenly so that no burnt spots will occur.

However, you will only enjoy these perks if you get Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how our products can stop the glass reflection from burning the grass.

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