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How to Install Artificial Turf in Your House

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is hard work. Think about all the watering, fertilizing, cleaning that you need to do for its maintenance.

If you find that maintaining your lawn is a daunting task, then you might want to install artificial turf in your home. You can find artificial grass installers that can a complete lawn job, but if you’re fine with getting your hands dirty then here is a DIY tutorial on how to install your artificial turf.

1. Remove the Existing Lawn

Don’t get overexcited by removing the lawn right after you read this part. Before you install artificial turf, you have to determine if there is any lawn residue left and if the lawn you are about to remove is healthy or not. You might have family members or neighbors who can put that turf to good use. You can also rent a sod cutter if you don’t already have one to remove the lawn.

If your lawn is already in poor condition, you’ll still have to get rid of the clumps of grass that has remained. Before moving on to the next steps, you must keep certain tools ready. You will need a good shovel, a wheelbarrow, and a pair of gloves. Also, don’t forget to bring a large organic waste bin for the old turf.

2. Install the Artificial Lawn

Once you’ve got the lawn all cleaned up, then it’s time to place an underlayment which will serve as the base material for artificial turf. In a way, artificial turf resembles sod since it is packaged as artificial turf rolls. During purchase, you’ll just have to buy the exact amount of turf you need depending on the size of your lawn. Then just unroll the artificial turf and start putting it in place.

If you want to cover large areas, you will need to install artificial turf in multiple strips. Take note that the grass should face the same direction as the lawn strips. After nailing down the lawn strips and brushing the grass a bit, then you can start installing the artificial lawn with the use of galvanized nails. You can use a large hammer to put the lawn in place.

Your artificial lawn is now fully installed, but there is still one thing that’s missing: Turf Guard Screen Film. You shouldn’t install artificial turf without this. By installing window screen film, you’ll protect your artificial turf from reflected sunlight during hot weather and prevent it from melting.

Most people find artificial turf installation intimidating. They’re afraid of doing it wrong, which is why they usually hire a pro to get things done.

But once you learn how to install grass in your home, then you might actually find it quite enjoying. In preparation for synthetic grass installation, you just need to follow the tips from the tips listed above.

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