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How to Reduce Glare Plants Effects in Your Outdoor Garden

Energy efficient windows can damage your landscape but there are ways to reduce glare plants effects. Energy efficient windows provide a lot of savings for a home’s interior. However, the windows reflect the rays of the sun that could damage plants in your outdoor garden.

Most homeowners with energy efficient windows and solar energy devices observe that garden plants get burned with the heat absorption of energy efficient windows. The intensity of the sun, especially during the summer is magnified by the reflected heat that comes from these windows.

Reflection from energy efficient windows, solar energy and even plain windows cause outdoor plants to receive more energy from the sun than they need. These can cause extreme damage to outdoor plants.

How to Reduce Glare Plants Effects in Your Outdoor Garden

Windows treated to make the inside of a home energy efficient make the sun directly beam into outside plants. Plants that are usually healthy during spring will feel the effects of the sun’s reflection on windows during the summer and will burn the plants and eventually causing it to die.

There are ways on how to reduce summer heat magnified by the window’s reflection. Reduce glare plants by watering them early in the morning. This will allow water to evaporate long before light reflection from windows starts to hit the plants.

If water alone cannot deal with the reflection coming from windows, there are other ways to reduce glare plants due to window reflection. You can check the light absorption angle of the plants and move them to a different location if they are directly hit by the reflection from the windows. 

Study where the reflection from windows hits the most. Once you have established the exact location affected by excessive heat from the windows, shape your garden so you are able to protect plants from the dangers of the scorching heat.

You can also try changing the types of plant you have in areas where reflection from windows are at the highest levels. Maintain flowers and bulbs during the fall and spring while avoiding summer flowers on areas directly hit by the reflection from the windows.

Solar energy installed in your home can also cause intense heat to reflect on windows. You need to deal with solar heat reduction so it does not kill your outdoor plants.  You can use the same methods that apply to reducing window reflections in outdoor plants.

Damage to plants caused by window reflections directly from the sun and through solar energy are no longer nightmares. There is an easy way to deal with window glare that damage your outdoor plants without going through the hassles of the methods listed above.

You can reduce glare in plants by installing window films that can prevent window reflections from damaging your outdoor plants.

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