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My energy efficient windows are burning my vinyl siding!

It's something you probably never thought you'd hear yourself say: "My energy efficient windows are burning my vinyl siding!" And it's a problem you're probably not sure how to solve. Energy efficient windows are great because they keep the temperature int he home down, which means less use of the AC, therefore smaller electric bills and a smaller carbon footprint. And vinyl siding is a superb building material, as it comes in all sorts of colors and textures and can be used in just about any climate.

But when the sunlight reflected off energy efficient windows melts vinyl siding, as it can and will do in the right conditions, you're left with what might seem like an impossible choice: do you replace your energy efficient windows with less efficient traditional glass windows, or do you rip off that vinyl siding and replace it with some other (likely much more expensive) building material?

Neither, as it turns out. To stop melted vinyl siding damage, you can simply have us apply anti-glare window film to your windows. Anti-reflective window film comes in sheets of perforated window tint available in white, black, or clear finishes, so it can upgrade the look of your home or leave the windows looking just the same. But this anti-glare film for windows scatters reflected sunlight rather than letting it concentrate, so stops reflections melting vinyl siding, turf, and other surfaces around the property.

Window film to stop energy efficient window reflections melting vinyl siding is the most efficient, affordable, and effective way to protect your home against damage without changing any of the aspects you love about your property.

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