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Qualities of Top Window Films that Artificial Turf Need

Has your artificial turf been melting or showing signs of damage? A quick search on the internet reviewing artificial turf installation companies will tell you that you are not alone. Melting and damaged artificial turf are often experienced by homeowners who are unaware that their energy-efficient home windows actually cause its occurrence.

Low-E windows magnify the light of the sun and then direct it to your lawn. The use of older windows or stainless steel barbecue grills can have the same effect on your artificial turf, too.

According to windowfilmforturf.com, while the melting point of artificial grass is high, it does not preclude it from the uneven colors of its surface.

It’s a good thing that, much like any other problem, there’s a solution for your artificial turf need: window films. Carefully selecting what kind of window film to use to protect your lawn from the harmful effects of the sun can be done by identifying the qualities of a top window film that’s perfect for its protection. The qualities that you must look for are as follows:

1. It’s metal-free. A top window film should be metal-free and applied to the outside of the glass to be able to reduce the reflection that comes from home windows and glass doors. Your artificial turf need does not include any metallic element.

2. It’s perforated to lower the intensity of the reflection on the artificial turf.

3. It has anti-reflective properties to decrease the temperature and the risk of damaging your artificial turf.

4. It evens the spread of heat which prevents its melting.

5. Unlike other products which block the sunlight from entering the house, a top window film allows natural light to enter your home and helps save energy.

6. It prevents ultraviolet rays from entering your homes. Aside from melting your artificial turf ground, UV rays also damage your home fabrics and interior by causing them to age and discolor faster than they should. A top window film prevents UV rays from doing so.

7. It should be easy to install. Your artificial turf need should not be that difficult to obtain.

    There are many qualities for a top window film, really, but these should guide you in choosing which of the hundreds of window film brands and which turf company you will buy from. They vary depending on your budget (some consider aesthetics), but the good news is that they all protect your lawn from melting and experiencing damage by reducing the heat and the reflection of the sun to your artificial turf.

    Of course, routine maintenance and the careful inspection of your artificial turf now and then should go hand-in-hand with the use of window films. You should also know about installing artificial turf yourself so that you will not have a problem when facing any possible modifications and maintenance. The best artificial grass review online will not disappoint in providing some tips if you have some questions when it comes to the basics of artificial turf need.

    As always, you should check out the best turf guard here even if you don’t have your turf installed yet.  

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