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Simple Known Ways to Stop the Sun Reflection From Burning the Grass

Is the sun reflection burning the grass in your garden?

Many people think that solar heat could only damage real turf. However, it can also harm the fake lawn, even if the artificial grass melting point is high. When the sun rises and hits the energy-efficient windows, it creates a magnifying glass effect. It intensifies the light and concentrates onto a nearby object, in this case, your lawn. As a result, the glare from windows burns the grass.

Fortunately, there are several ways to halt the sun reflection from burning the grass. Here are a few tips to follow to end this damage.

  1. Irrigate the Area From Time-to-Time.

Many people think that plastic lawn does not need water as it is fake. Little do we know is that this type of field also needs hydration. Because faux fields are naturally hotter than the real ones, it is more susceptible to burning.

To prevent the window reflection from burning the grass, you need to keep the turf hydrated.  This device turns on automatically once you set up the settings. Hence, you no longer need to water the entire greenfield manually just to keep it fresh.

However, you should expect that your water bill will increase. The reason for this is that you need to irrigate the area every half an hour. If you choose this tactic, you might spend more money than you used to.

  1. Change the Landscape of Your Garden.

Believe it or not, renovating your yard can also stop the sun reflection from burning the grass. Since you know where the heat strikes the most, you can protect your plastic lawn from further damage. You can put stones on the affected area to hide the imperfections or install a human-made fountain. Not only will it add beauty to your yard, but people will not notice the burnt spots on your turf.

  1. Use Window Film for Turf.

This solution does not keep your fake field hydrated nor hide its imperfections. However, it can stop the glass reflection from burning the grass. The film has UV blockers that prevent the color of your lawn from fading out. Furthermore, it spreads out the heat evenly to ensure that all areas of the field will get the same amount of temperature.

However, you will only get these perks from a reliable window screen manufacturer. Visit our website and learn how Turf Guard Window Film can stop the sun reflection from burning the grass.

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