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Things That Cause Reflection on Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is an artificial lawn that is used to replace the natural turf. They are generally installed in the yard and sports field. However, some use it as an indoor grass carpet or as a home décor.

The reason people choose synthetic grass over natural ones is that they offer permanent beauty. It offers a healthy-looking garden, regardless of the weather pattern. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be regularly maintained. You only need to brush and clean it occasionally.

Despite having these benefits, the artificial grass still has some flaws. One of which is that it tends to get too hot, especially during summer. This is because the turf receives the light that is coming from the sun and its surroundings. This is called a reflection.

The question is, what causes reflection on synthetic grass?

  1. Gutter

The gutter is used to keeping our homes flood-free. When it rains, or once the ice melts, the water flows through this channel until it falls on the ground. However, its surface causes reflection on the fake grass. Once the sun shines and the rays reach the gutter, the light will bounce off the turf, causing the temperature to rise.

  1. Metal Fences

Homes usually have backyard fences to keep your pets safe and ensure no one will step on your plants. However, it could cause reflection on your synthetic grass. This happens when your gate is made of metal. When light strikes the metal surface, chances are, it will shine. Consequently, it will transfer the reflection to the grass.

  1. Energy-Efficient Windows

According to research, more than 90 percent of window installation services offer energy-efficient windows. Thus, most houses in America use this product. However, these windows don’t give sound effects to synthetic turf. The Low-E window glasses have magnifying glass-like properties.

Therefore, if you put it near your lawn, the light will bounce to its surface, causing the heat to rise.

How to Prevent Reflection on Your Turf

Based on the reflective materials mentioned above, they all have a similar effect – they cause the temperature to rise. Fortunately, you can prevent reflection on your lawn. You only need to do the following tips:

  • Put a Shade in Your Yard. A shade sail or a canopy is enough to protect your grass field from reflection and heat. Place it where the light and heat strike the most.
  • Use Wooden Fence. Instead of using a metal gate, why don’t you use a fence made of wood? Wooden barriers will offer the same protection to your pets and plants. However, it won’t harm your grass fields as it doesn’t have reflective properties.
  • Use Perforated Window Films. Don’t just use any window tint, use the perforated ones. Perforated glass tints provide added protection to your fake turf. Moreover, it offers a clearer outdoor view compared to other window films.

Many manufacturers that offer perforated films. But if you want to get high-quality window tints that protect your synthetic grass, then you should get our Turf Guard window films. Visit our website and order now!

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