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Understanding the Dangers of Sun Reflection on Artificial Grass

It's important for property owners to know that the sun's reflection can burn grass. Knowing the dangers the sun has on artificial grass and what they can do about it will help keep properties safe. It also ensures that owners will get to enjoy their synthetic lawns for a long time.

How Does Sun Reflection Affect Artificial Grass

Direct sunlight can heat the surface of materials through absorption. The heat from direct sunlight does not usually result in damage to building materials, except for the occasional weathering and fading of colors. However, it's different in the case of reflected sunlight from windows.

Artificial grass melting is caused by the sun's rays being reflected off a surface like a Low-E window, a large mirror, burnished gutter, or steel panels. These reflective surfaces can magnify the light to such an extent that the heat generated causes artificial turf to melt.

Low-e and energy efficient windows are usually the cause of the sun's reflection burning grass. The glass in these double paned windows sometimes warp and becomes concave due to the barometric pressure between the interior of the window panes and the air pressure outside. This concavity focuses the sunlight reflected from the window pane in the same way that a magnifying glass does. When the light hits the vinyl siding of an adjacent wall or the artificial turf, it can cause the materials to burn or melt.

Ways to Protect Artificial Turf from the Sun's Reflection

No one can stop the sun from shining. But there are ways to prevent the sun's reflection from burning grass. One way is to minimize its effect from the outset. Planting shade trees or shrubs in front of windows can help diffuse the glare. Adding window treatments like awnings or screens can also help. 

But the best solution for this problem is for home owners to place a protective cover like Turf Guard Window Film on all the windows. Turf Guard will disperse the sun's UV rays and lower the intensity of the window glare. 

Minimize the danger of the sun's reflection on artificial grass and vinyl sidings by using Turf Guard Window Film. A leader in the window film industry, Turf Guard, offers clients four types of window films to choose from. With these protective film, homeowners won’t have to worry about the sun's reflection burning the grass.

To know more about Turf Guard Window Film, check out windowfilmforturf.com.

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