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Useful Ways to Prevent Your Artificial Turf From Melting

Many people have seen their artificial turf melting. They usually blame the sun as it increases the temperature of the field, causing it to melt. However, sun exposure is not the only possible reason for the melting of your turf. Your Low-E windows can also cause the plastic grass to disintegrate.

How Does Energy-Efficient Window Melt the Synthetic Grass?

Low-E windows can be a lifesaver for many homeowners. It helps them save energy costs by pushing the heat away from the house. However, it could damage the synthetic lawn. When the sun’s powerful rays hit the Low-E coating, it magnifies the light and directs it onto your fake grass. As a result, it reaches the melting point of artificial turf, causing it to disintegrate.

How to Prevent the Synthetic Turf From Melting

There are several ways to protect your artificial turf from melting. However, these tips will not eradicate the cause. Rather, it will only reduce the effects of window reflections.

  1. Keep the Lawn Hydrated.

One way to stop the turf from melting out is through irrigation. You need to moisten the area to decrease the temperature. Because fake grass is naturally hotter than the real ones, it absorbs moisture quickly. Therefore, you need to water the grass every 30 minutes to keep it fresh.

However, there is a caveat if you choose this method. Since it requires hydration every half an hour, you should expect that your water consumption will increase. Hence, if you want to conserve water, then this may not be the best choice.

  1. Use Covers on Your Grass.

Another way to stop the artificial turf from melting is to put some shade on it. You can either use a canopy or an awning. These covers obstruct the sunlight from hitting the field and the Low-E windows. However, they can dim the house as they also block the natural light. Therefore, if you do not want to compromise the brightness of your home, then there is another tactic to halt melting out in the turf.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Films for Your Windows.

Nonetheless, the best way to stop melting out in turf grass is by installing window perf. Primarily used for advertising, you can also use it to protect your fake lawn. The film has anti-glare properties that deflect off the light once the sun hits it. Moreover, it spreads out heat evenly; thus, preventing melting and burning.

However, you can only take advantage of these features if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and know how our items protect your artificial turf from melting.

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