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Vinyl Siding Melting Damage: What Causes Your Wall to Distort?

Is your vinyl siding melting? Don’t worry; you are not the only person who is experiencing this problem. Many people have filed a vinyl siding melting lawsuit against siding manufacturers due to this damage. However, these companies insist that they are not the ones to blame. For this reason, they have modified their warranty claims to keep their hands off of this issue.

So the question is – what causes your PVC cladding to deform? There are a few reasons why your vinyl siding looks melted. Here are some of them.

  1. Grilling Equipment

One reason why your vinyl siding is melting is because of your BBQ grill. Cooking outdoors can be fun. However, it can cause your siding to melt. The steam coming from this utensil is scorching hot, which could result in vinyl siding melting. However, it only happens when the grill is less than 10 feet away from your outer wall.

  1. Your Neighbor’s Energy-Efficient Windows

If your neighbors are using Low-E windows, it could also cause vinyl siding melting damage. When the sun is at the right angle and hits your neighbor’s windows, it creates a magnifying glass effect. Meaning, it creates an intense heat and directs it onto the next-door cladding. As a result, your exterior wall starts to warp.

However, experts say that this problem is just a rare event. It only happens when the glass window becomes concave. Nonetheless, glass window manufacturers cannot answer why it keeps going on. Therefore, if your siding starts to melt, then you have no choice but to prevent this damage.

How to Stop Thermal Distortion

There are a few melting vinyl siding solutions that you can try. However, before you blame your neighbors, you need to know the cause of the problem. You can hire an inspector to know why your cladding is deforming. He will help you identify the cause of damage.

If the reason is your outdoor griller, then you should keep it away from your outdoor wall. However, if it is your neighbors’ windows fault, then you should talk to them. Tell them that their windows are messing up your outer wall.

However, if she does not like to cooperate, you have no choice but to replace your cladding with a vinyl siding that won’t melt. It has a higher melting point, but it is more expensive than the standard PVC wall.

If you do not have a budget, you can apply Turf Guard Window Film to your windows. Visit our website and learn how our products can avoid vinyl siding melting damage.

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