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Ways on How to Stop Synthetic Grass From Burning

Synthetic grass is, indeed, the best alternative to natural turf. For one, it requires little maintenance. You only need to brush and clean the blades to preserve its beauty. Second, it is durable as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and different weather patterns. Lastly, it lets you save more money in the long run as it doesn’t need fertilizers and water.

However, if there’s one flaw, that would be the burning sensation. Although contemporary artificial lawn can withstand hot temperatures up to 200oC, it’s quite difficult to stand on it with bare feet. In fact, it will only take 5 seconds for you to get burned.

The reason your synthetic grass gets too hot is not only because of the weather. Rather, it’s more of the surroundings. If reflective materials surround the grass field, light and heat will be transmitted to the lawn, resulting in higher temperatures. Likewise, the surface gets too hot, making it impossible to sit or even stand on it.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to stop the artificial grass from burning. Here are some of them.

Install an Irrigation System in Your Garden.

We mentioned earlier that synthetic grass doesn’t need water. This is somewhat accurate as it doesn’t wilt. However, during summer, you need to water the area every 30 minutes. Because the weather is hot, chances are, the turf’s temperature will increase.

Thus, you need to have an irrigation system in your garden. You can wet the area using a hose, but it will take a lot of time before you could finish the task. If you want to make things easier, you need to install a sprinkler. Only turn on the system, and it will give your artificial turf a shower.

Put a Cover for Your Yard.

If you have a weak water system in your area, you may use a cover to protect your synthetic grass from burning. You could use a shade sail or a canopy to protect your contemporary lawn. However, you need to ensure that the cover is made from fabric. Otherwise, it will add more heat to your turf if the shade is made from plastic.

Plant Trees in the Garden.

Trees are helpful in the environment. It releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it adds beauty to your garden and serves as a shade to your fake grass. If you want to use trees as a protection to your turf, you need to plant them in an area where the sun hits directly. However, you need to clean the area regularly to remove the fallen leaves.

Use Perforated Window Films.

This tip is probably the best solution when it comes to protecting your plastic grass field from burning. It not only offers a more vivid panoramic view, but it also protects your lawn from heating up. You only need to install it out of your window for best results.

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