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What is the Best Season to Install Your Synthetic Turf?

The quality of natural grass changes as the season’s varying. But, if you are using a synthetic turf, you can enjoy the beauty of a green lawn all throughout the year.

The time needed to install the artificial grass depends on the size of the area that needs to be covered. The installation may take a couple of hours or almost a day. Once it’s set, simply give it some time to rest.

Things to Consider When Installing Synthetic Turf:

  • Convenience

Choose the time or season that is convenient for you and your family. The installation should not affect the daily routine of your household. Most people prefer to install the artificial turf on holidays or summer.

  • Expectation

What are your past experiences, issues, and problems regarding your lawn? Anticipate the situations or times that it may occur again. Would it be muddy during the rainy season? If this is the case, then install the synthetic turf before this season.

  • Investment

If the lawn will be used most the time, you can install the synthetic turf in any season. Investing on an artificial grass adds value to your home. It offers benefits all year round, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. Whether you intend to use the artificial turf for outdoor recreation or for you to conserve water, having this turf is definitely a good investment.

  • Purpose

What is your main intention in installing a synthetic grass? For what purpose does it serve? Here are some situations that you need to consider.

  1. Green backyard lawn – If you intend to have green grass on your lawn during summer or spring, then it is advisable to install the turf around late February to early March.
  2. Aesthetics – Are you planning to put the synthetic lawn because of its aesthetic value? Then install the fake grass at the start of the year to ensure that frost is already broken and you can have the turf just in time for showing. Placing it in December should be your last option.
  3. Indoors – If you will be installing it inside your home, then you can install the synthetic grass any time of year and any season.

If you plan on installing the artificial turf by yourself, the best season for you to do this is during winter. The ground during winter is softer compared to that in summer, making it easier for you to install the artificial turf. The colder the weather, the better.

The best season to install synthetic turf depends on the individual’s preference and considerations. Different people from different geographic locations will have a different stand on the right time or season to install the artificial grass.   

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