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Will Window Film for Artificial Grass Prevent Melting?

Believe it or not, many window tinting companies are now offering window film for artificial grass. It has all the benefits of having window tints at home. However, because it is specifically designed to protect your fake lawn, it offers more features than an ordinary window tint. The question is – will it be enough to prevent grass disintegration?

Window Film and Plastic Grass: How Will It Prevent Melting?

The melting point of artificial turf is impressive. In fact, it can reach up to 200oF, which is as high as the temperature of reflected heat. Though the melting temperature is high, it does not mean that it is fade-proof.

When the sun hits the Low-E glass window, it magnifies the sunlight and concentrates it on your turf. As a result, it increases the temperature of the field, causing it to disintegrate.

How Does Window Film for Turf Prevent Melting?

The window film for artificial grass stops the window reflection from burning the grass. Once the sunlight reaches the film, it automatically deflects off the light, which eliminates intense heat. Because the light no longer focuses on one area, it distributes the heat evenly. That way, every part of the grass will get the same amount of temperature. Furthermore, you will no longer see melted spots on your lawn.

Is Window Film Enough to Keep the Fake Grass Beauty?

Though window film for artificial grass can preserve the fake lawn’s beauty, it does not mean you will rely solely on it. Always remember that these items and other solutions only reduce the risk of having a melted artificial grass. You still need to do some maintenance tasks to ensure that the lawn is in excellent shape.

You need to remove the debris, leaves, and other objects that the drainage system cannot filter. To do this, you need to water the area to wash away the unwanted stuff. You also need to brush the carpet to eliminate the bad odor. Lastly, you need to keep the oil, grease, and acids away from your plastic grass. These liquids will spoil the appearance of the turf.

If you do these cleaning tips along with installing the film, not only will you avoid the synthetic turf from melting. You will also have a lush green field all year.

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