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Windows Melting Siding: Duration and Durability

Using vinyl siding as your cladding material option is actually a good deal. It does not cost much, it requires low maintenance, and it enhances the aesthetic value of your home.

With all its advantages also comes the possible problems that you will encounter. The problems that you may encounter include windows melting the siding.

Windows Melting Siding: Duration and Durability

Windows melting the siding occurs when the sun reflection reaches a glass window at the correct angle. Then, the sun reflection is being intensified as it directs to a nearby window. When this happens, the vinyl melting point is at its peak.

Windows melting siding can be a huge problem. In fact, this is the reason behind all these vinyl siding lawsuits among neighbors. While there are other reasons that can cause the melting point of vinyl to be reached, windows melting siding is considered one of the most pressing causes.

Life Span of Vinyl Siding

There isn‘t really a specific timeframe for the vinyl siding lifespan, since there are a lot of factors that can possibly lessen the anticipated duration that a vinyl siding can last. One of these is the fact that weather conditions have a great effect on how long your vinyl siding will last.

Once your vinyl siding has gone through multiple weather changes, it can either undergo windows melting siding or fading caused by too much sun exposure. Whenever the color of your vinyl siding fades, you can always ask help from a vinyl siding maintenance provider to have it repainted.

Other possible conditions that can cause worn out vinyl siding is growing mold and mildew. Plus, it can also accumulate dust and dirt over a period of time.

Durability of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can definitely last for many years. However, as mentioned, its lasting power still depends on its exposure to certain weather conditions.

If you want to make sure your vinyl siding lasts longer, make it a habit to check its condition from time to time, especially when it’s more likely to be exposed to windows melting siding.

When you spot some issues with your vinyl siding, you can always consult a vinyl siding maintenance provider, as they can provide you the customized solution based on your needs. If your current dilemma has something to do with windows melting siding, then your maintenance provider can help you reduce window reflection by using a special film.

Ultimately, your vinyl siding can last longer for as long as you can detect major issues with it earlier. Once you have identified the problem, you can also try the Siding Guard Window Film that we offer. 

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